Booking a vacation package can be a way to economize on flights, accommodations, and rental cars by purchasing them as a bundled deal.

Some travelers opt to book their airline tickets separately, deferring the planning of their trip details and reservations for later. However, securing a vacation package offers a convenient means to finalize all arrangements early. For enthusiasts of American Airlines, opting for American Airlines vacation packages presents an advantageous method to consolidate their travel essentials.

This approach can also facilitate the booking of a more budget-friendly vacation. Here’s what you should know about American Airlines vacation packages.

What are American Airlines vacation packages?

American Airlines vacation packages typically encompass two or more components, such as flights, hotel accommodations, and car rentals.

Travelers have the flexibility to tailor their vacation according to their specific trip requirements. Reservations for vacation packages can be made conveniently at

Will I earn AAdvantage award miles when booking a vacation package?

Yes, when you book American Airlines vacation packages, you’ll accrue AAdvantage miles. For each online booking of a vacation package where you provide your AAdvantage number, you’ll earn 1,000 AAdvantage miles. Additionally, booking featured hotels within the package presents an opportunity to earn an extra 30,000 AAdvantage miles.

Furthermore, you’ll earn additional AAdvantage miles for the flights included in your package. American Airlines periodically offers bonus miles promotions where you can earn extra bonus miles by booking qualifying vacation packages. These promotions vary over time.

What sets American Airlines vacation packages apart from others?

Opting to book vacation packages through American Airlines offers distinct advantages.

For starters, American Airlines provides access to exclusive, unpublished rates on flights and hotels that are unavailable when booked individually. Moreover, travelers will receive a bonus of 1,000 AAdvantage miles for each vacation package booked, in addition to the miles earned from flights.

Will I save money by booking an American Airlines vacation package?

Yes, booking American Airlines vacation packages can indeed lead to significant savings. Access to unpublished rates often results in better deals than booking flights or hotels separately. If you’re uncertain about the value, you can always compare the individual reservation prices against the total price offered by the American Airlines vacation package.

For instance, consider this example trip: A five-night getaway for two from Las Vegas to Florida, including accommodation at AC Hotel By Marriott Miami Dadeland in October 2022. When booked through, the package costs $1,265, whereas booking the components separately amounts to $1,955 — a notable difference of $690.

Examining the individual trip component costs, the nonstop flights for two to Miami amount to $674.


The cost for a five-night stay at AC Hotel Miami Dadeland for the same dates and room type is $1,281.

If you were to add up the individual costs of the flight and hotel, totaling $1,955, you’d realize a significant savings by opting for the package price of $1,265—a notable difference of $690. Moreover, you’ll also earn AAdvantage miles on top of these savings.

When comparing prices, it’s essential to carefully review all booking terms and conditions to ensure you’re comparing identical offerings.

Can I use AAdvantage miles to book American Airlines vacations?

Indeed, travelers have the option to pay for their trip using AAdvantage miles, provided that the miles originate from a single AAdvantage account. A minimum of 1,000 miles is necessary to apply miles towards the purchase of a vacation package.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that when utilizing miles as a form of payment, AAdvantage members won’t be eligible to accrue mileage credit for the same reservation.

Are American Airlines vacation packages refundable?

For most American Airlines vacations, full refunds are not typically available. Cancellation penalties are applied based on the timing of the cancellation and whether pre-departure protection was purchased at the time of booking. Here’s what to anticipate:

For vacation packages without pre-departure protection:

Days canceled prior to departure

What you’ll get back

15 days or more

Balance given in the form of future travel credit minus $200 per person plus any nonrefundable components.

14 days or less

No refund

For vacation packages with pre-departure protection during non-holiday travel periods:

Days canceled prior to departure

What you’ll get back

Prior to departure

Full refund less the cost of pre-departure protection and any nonrefundable components to original form of payment

After departure

No refund.

For vacation packages with pre-departure protection during holiday travel periods:

Days canceled prior to departure

What you’ll get back

30 days or more

Full refund less the cost of pre-departure protection and any nonrefundable components to original form of payment

29 to 8 days

Package value in the form of future travel credit, less the cost of pre-departure protection and any nonrefundable components

7 days or less

50% of package value in the form of future travel credit less the cost of pre-departure protection and any nonrefundable components

American Airlines’ holiday travel periods encompass the Monday before through the Monday after Thanksgiving Day, as well as December 20 through January 3.

Please note: Cancellations for hotel packages without an air component must be requested by 10:29 PM (CST) on the day before check-in for pre-departure protection to be applicable. After 10:29 PM on the day before check-in, the entire package becomes nonrefundable.

If you desire added flexibility in case of trip cancellations, it’s advisable to invest in pre-departure protection through travel insurance. This additional coverage can instill greater confidence when booking American Airlines vacation packages.

Final thoughts on American Airlines Vacation Packages

American Airlines Vacations packages streamline the trip booking process. Here are some tips to consider before confirming your booking:

1. **Compare Prices**: Before finalizing your purchase, compare the price of the vacation package to the individual costs of each trip element to ensure you’re receiving a favorable deal.

2. **Maximize Miles**: Enter your AAdvantage membership details during booking to maximize your miles earning potential. This way, you can accrue more miles for your future travels.

3. **Bonus Miles Deals**: Explore current bonus miles deals to earn additional miles on your booking. These promotions can enhance the value of your vacation package.

4. **Pre-departure Protection**: For added flexibility, consider investing in pre-departure protection. This coverage can provide peace of mind in case you need to cancel or modify your trip plans.


In summary, “The Guide to American Airlines Vacation Packages” serves as a comprehensive resource for travelers looking to streamline their trip planning process. By following the outlined recommendations, including comparing prices, maximizing miles, exploring bonus offers, and considering pre-departure protection, travelers can make well-informed decisions when booking their vacations. With American Airlines Vacation Packages, travelers can enjoy the convenience of bundling their travel essentials while potentially saving money and earning rewards. Embark on your next adventure with confidence and ease, knowing you have the tools to make the most of your travel experience. Safe travels!

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